About Me

Rantgirl is so introspective and over-thinking that she is of two minds when it comes to just about everything because she has thought out all sides. This drives her crazy about herself.

She will eat just about anything that can be put into a soft taco, but Café Rio is her favourite.

Rantgirl likes to write, read, sew, listen to music, and dance, in that order. She looks at the world around her and needs an outlet to rant and rave and whine and moan about the things that are out there. This is her outlet.

She feels a little douchey about talking about herself in the third person like this but she’s kind of a douche sometimes.

Rantgirl is also Kelly Williams. She is a Canadian from Vancouver, British Columbia who now lives in Utah. She loves the ocean and hates the desert, but is trying, desperately, to bloom where she’s planted. She is a mother of two sons, Huey and Dewey, not their real names, and has been married to her Darling Husband for seventeen years, give or take. She has a 100 pound German Shepherd Dog named Orso, his real name. Sometimes she takes him for walks so she can clear her head.

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