Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ant bites

 On Saturday evening, I went outside to weed the stones that we have on our boulevard. It's been a major infestation of weeds and we have needed to do it for some time now and I finally had the time to do it.

I had to lift up some of the rocks to get to the roots of some weeds. I overturned a rock and upset a whole colony of ants.

I didn't know that ants bite. I mean, I knew that ants CAN bite, I just didn't know that they would. And with such ferocity!

At first, they were just crawling all over me: my arms and my rear end that was sitting on the curb. I was shaking and blowing them off of me, but not paying them too much mind as I went about my work as I naively did not think that they would bite.

Then the stinging happened. Yeowch!! Did it ever sting. That's when I realized that ANTS BITE! And when they bite you it stings. And then it burns!! We were almost done, so I endured until we got all the weeds out, earning more ant bites, but I didn't want to not finish the project and we were so close to being done. All I wanted to do was go inside and take a shower to scrub off the stinging and burning, and maybe curl up into a little ball and cry a little.

The part that bugged me was that there was no swelling, no evidence of my pain - and there was a LOT of pain. I had no idea that being attacked by ants would be so dreadful. Finally Sunday night, I started to itch and then the bites showed up. These pictures were taken today - four days later. I have exfoliated every day in an attempt to get rid of the itching. I. Itch. All. Day. These are worse than mosquito bites!!

I spared you the gory details of photos of my rear. Suffice it to say it looks the same but worse. I can't wear pants or anything that will rub against the bites thus angering them further. I can't just walk around all day in panties, so I've been reduced to wearing super shorty short shorts and enduring the ridicule of my DH and my eleven-year-old son.

I have learned the following things:

1) I am stupid and naive.
2) Don't piss off ants
4) Ant bites hurt, burn, and are super annoying even four days later.

I hate my life right now.

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