Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Music Time Machine

Today at work we heard a co-worker turning on the air conditioning. Another co-worker said “There’s (co-worker’s name) turning on the AC”. I said AC/DC? Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap! He in turn made a Hell’s Bells reference which took me 5 seconds to get. After he returned to his office he mumbled about being on the Highway to Hell. This gave me a giggle. Obviously we have an AC/DC fan on our hands.

I was on my way out to lunch, so my mind wandered to the first AC/DC song I ever heard, which was Shook Me All Night Long which I heard at a school dance held at The Zone when I was in Grade Eight. This took me to the moment that we heard the first few chords of the song and my friend Stef started screaming, jumping up and down, and singing along indicating her love of the song. In listening to the lyrics, I became similarly enamoured with the song.

I made it to my car as I mused about this memory, when what was playing on the radio, but GO! By Tones on Tails. The first time I ever heard this song was also at The Zone.

It’s amazingly awesome how music can transport me to a time and place. It’s like Dr. Who’s police box. All I have to do is close my eyes and I’m there all over again. I love music for its’ tranportative powers. (Yes, I just made that word up).

I have previously blogged about The Zone here.

The Zone was THE cool "alternative" teen dance club in my area when I was growing up. It was the majorly rebellious and super cool thing to ditch a stake* dance and head over to The Zone and dance there instead. I would never be able to catch my ride home if I ever did that, so I never got to ditch a stake dance. The stake dances weren’t that lame anyway, it’s not like I NEEDED to ditch.

Our school dances were held at The Zone. Something about our school being in a neighbourhood and not wanting damage done to the school gym or property prevented us from having dances held at the school. That was super fine by me as I yearned to be able to go to THE cool dance place. I neither had the funds nor the resources, nor the friends to enable me to go to The Zone for non-school related functions, so the regular school dances had to suffice. By the time I was old enough to drive or have friends that drove, The Zone had fallen out of favour with they who choose what is cool and what is not, so I only rarely went to The Zone when I was old enough.

Last I heard, they had changed The Zone into a motorcycle dealership. This comes to mind:

Part of my childhood died.

*A stake dance is a dance put on for the youth of my church for you non-mormons out there. They were held monthly. Some of you non-mormons out there have attended these with me and can attest to their non-lameness.

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