Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In the Closet

Just thought you would like to see what I look like in my messy kitchen while making dinner in my "Zip It" shorty shorts. Attractive, no?

Seriously, I wanted to show you my newly organized closet. I am so proud. When we built this house, one of my requirements was that there was a walk-in closet. Here it is:
This is how I store my shoes
More shoes, "Dresser"
Sweaters piled high
I was crammed into my husband's side of the closet to try to document the rest. Notice my awesome "Dresser". (note - I don't own one)
For grins, and to give my Darling Husband unnecessary ammunition, I did a count. I have the following:
12 pairs of black shoes (13 if you count the flip-flops in the front hall closet)
4 black purses
12 black t-shirts (some V-neck, some scoop neck)
9 white t-shirts
That doesn't include the 2 black turtlenecks and various black sweaters/cardigans, black skirts, pants and dress. (every girl needs an LBD, and I have only one at the moment)
I'm not saying I need more colour in my wardrobe, I have other things in my closet as you can see, I just tend to cling to certain things, black shirts being one of them. (Black's slimming, right?)
A history: When I was in grade eight, I saw a really tall grade ten boy named Matthew and instantly fell in love with him. I followed him around any time I got the chance. When I was in grade ten, I had the opportunity to date him. (at first when my friend Jason told me that Matthew wanted to take me to Jason's Christmas party, I thought he was joking. He wasn't. I was elated) On one of our first dates, Matthew invited me to go with him to a local teen dance club called the Zone. It was a very alternative club. I asked him what I should wear. His instructions were, "I don't know, something black." I did not own anything totally black. Being the skate Betty that I was, I had some black and grey plaid pants and some black high-top Converse Chuck T's. I wore those with a white button-up shirt buttoned all the way up with a brooch at the neck, and a PINK CABLE KNIT SWEATER. We went to the club where we ran in to his uber-cool awesome beautiful ex-girlfriend where he pretended to either not know me or be baby-sitting me. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I thought I looked nice. This was his review after the fact: "I told you to wear something BLACK, and you wore something PINK." Needless to say, he out-cooled me by about a million.
Immediately following, I went to Le Chateau and bought a black turtleneck. Seems like that experience has been branded deeply into my brain and I must at all times always have "something black" available in case Matthew ever invites me to go to the Zone with him.

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