Friday, May 2, 2014

Book Report - Gossip Girl

Title: Gossip Girl
Authour: Cecily Von Ziegesar
Length: 201 pages
How long it took me to read: 1 day
Grade: B

What it's about: Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where my friends and I live, go to school, play, and sleep--sometimes with each other.

S is back from boarding school, and if we aren't careful, she's going to win over our teachers, wear that dress we couldn't fit into, steal our boyfriends' hearts, and basically ruin our lives in a major way. I'll be watching closely...

You know you love me,
gossip girl

The ending is the most important part: This is a series of fifteen books, so while this story ended, you know that there's more. That being said, the ending is still satisfying and doesn't leave you hanging - which is a good thing.

Last word: This was the perfect book for my Spring Break read by the pool. I would read the series if I had more time and less books on my TBR list. I'm just going to stick with watching the series on Netflix for now.

Spoilers after the jump

The other thing that prevents me from reading the whole series is that Serena is a much less sympathetic character than on the television show, so I'm just sticking with the show for now.

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