Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Lovin’

This borderline abusive relationship I have with summer has GOT to go.

I mean, I’m a summer lovin’ West Coast Girl! At least I used to be - when I was actually on the West Coast.

I used to LIVE for summer.

I used to drive a convertible, for crying out loud!

I have all these amazing hot, bright, perfect-for-summer-toes-and-flip-flops nail polish colours.

Summer is a kick back and chill season. I am a kick back and chill kind of girl.

Today the heat was not its usual oppressive unbearableness, even though the high is 32C (96F). It was more like a deep, penetrating heat. Like a sauna. Or a hot rock massage. It was still too hot to move, but it felt more relaxing than like I was in hell and I was going to die.

The sky was full of wispy, fluffy bunches of clouds, not its’ usual boring pale blue. The colour of the sky was also a deeper azure. It looked beautiful.

The mountains have yet to turn brown, so they’re still grass green. It kind of looked like Tele-tubbie land out there today.

I’m marking this day in the win column. I’ll have to remember this day in the middle of July when I just can’t take it any more.

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