Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer’s here – let the whining and complaining commence!

Remember summer? Remember the anticipation? Remember the celebration? Remember YAY, Summer’s here!!


I hate summer in Utah.

Hate. Hate. Hate.

It’s too hot. Air conditioning does nothing. The air doesn’t move and when it does, it’s like a blow dryer, there’s no cooling down. It doesn’t get cool at night. Sure, it cools down, but it only goes down to 70 F because it’s 95 F during the day. There’s no ocean. If you want to cool down, you have to drive to the mountains and who has time for that?

The sun just beats down on you and the sky is blue every day. NO clouds.

I know – wah wah wah, first world problems – don’t you know there are starving orphan children who are ravaged by war and forced into slavery? Yes, I know, we really should do something about that…

Back to me.

I have no motivation to move because if I exert an iota of energy, my body temperature increases and IT’S TOO BLOODY HOT!! Because moving is not an option, nothing gets done. Can’t cook, it heats up the house. No laundry, have to go up and down stairs.


Already this year we have had so many 90F days that 70F feels cool.

That being said….


Yesterday being the summer solstice.

I used to look forward to the longest day of the year. It was a fun thing to celebrate. I love the change of seasons. (Utah has totally ruined this for me.)

Any way….

Back to yesterday being awesome. The high was only 80F, so most of the day was absolutely tolerable. There was no extraneous sweating. The sky was cloudless, but it was this amazing colour of blue. Not the usual pale polluted blue, but a true deep sky blue. The mountains are still green – like a true grass green – so seeing the mountains in contrast against the sky was beautiful. There was the tiniest of breezes, and it was a cool breeze – it felt incredible. The air seemed so clean yesterday.

I actually felt like celebrating the solstice!

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