Friday, June 29, 2012

Wherein I Cringe at Posting This, but I feel like I should explain myself...

My mum always worries about me when she hasn't seen me online for awhile. She assumes I've "gone into my cave" and leaves me alone.

C3P0 hasn't sent me an email asking me where I've been, so I guess it hasn't been that long since my last post, but to me it feels like forever.

Apologies to those that are new and reading through the history. I hate these reasons I haven't posted in a while posts.

First off, everything's fine, everyone's fine, and I'm not in my cave.

I've just been busy. When I get more than fifteen minutes to post, I will go into more detail, but here's what's been up with me: (how have you been?)

1) We have burrowing seed pods in our yard so I have to pin Orso down every night and check his paws.

2) It's summer and it's hotter than Hades.

3) It's summer and Orso is shedding like crazy so I am in a perpetual war on dog hair; constantly vacuuming, sweeping, doing laundry, and brushing the dog.

4) Dewey is in swimming lessons so I don't get a moment to myself until 7:30 now.

5) I'm writing a novel. Please don't say anything or try to encourage me. I'm only three chapters in and I'm afraid that your kind words will be gratifying enough to satisfy me and I'll put it down and not finish it. I've already started two other books/novels and put them aside and I really want to finish this one, so shhhhh!

6) I'm trying to finish "Interview With a Vampire". It's kind of like eating your vegetables.

7) Pinterest

8) Polyvore

9) DH changed the lens on the camera and I don't know how to work it and I like to have photos with my blog.

That's all for now. I have to rush off to take Dewey to swimming.

Love you all!

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