Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Song of the Day - "Fire Woman" The Cult

Back in 1988 I went to a Metallica concert just because The Cult was the opening act. It was fun to tell all the metal heads in my school that I was going to be at the Metallica concert and see the looks on their faces that this preppy/waver chick was going to see Metallica. None of them were clever enough to clue in that I was only there for the opening act.

(Full disclosure - I left that concert with an enormous appreciation for Metallica)

So this song is one of my "theme" songs. I am a bit of a pyromaniac, I'm a Sagittarius (fire sign), and have a fiery personality. I always thought I should have been a redhead because of it.

Anyway, this is one of MY songs.

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