Saturday, July 28, 2012

Making up with Summer

I was reading through some old posts looking for inspiration when I came across this one about summer and “West Coast” by Coconut Records came up on my Summer playlist on my iPod and I immediately teared up and got so homesick I could die.

I know that it’s just PMS (I just counted on the calendar), but the pictures of my favourite beaches combined with the fact that I was just talking to my neighbour about how she just spent the month of July at Bear Lake in her bathing suit and I was already so jealous of her, and that great song and… well, tears.

I just love summer so much. I love the doing nothing aspect of it. I love being able to go out at night and that it’s still warm. Summer is so easy and mellow.

Fortunately for my state of mind, summer has not been so bad this year. July is usually the worst month of the year and it’s almost over and I have that over-the-hump feeling, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think that I actually may just survive this summer! It’s rained a few times and we’ve had some thunder and lightning, and Dewey and I spent the afternoon at Lagoon-A-Beach, a local water park, and got some awesome water sliding in. As a family, we went to the drive-in and took a cooler and sleeping bags in the back of the truck and I wore my jeans rolled up to my knees and flip-flops and a cardigan and it was the BEST time. My roses in my front yard are blooming like crazy and my DH bought me some Shasta daisies this year and I see them every day as I’m coming and going and I love it. I bought some Haagen Dazs Ice Cream bars and I have been eating them every day. I made a Summer playlist on my iPod and that’s been helping me get through too.

I’m so relieved that I made up with Summer. This fight we’ve been having for the last fifteen years has been really bad for my psyche.

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