Monday, February 13, 2012

IIIIII-eeee-iiiii-eeee-iii will always....

You are going to hate this post. ESPECIALLY if you are a Whitney fan. Hate away, I don't care. I am in a crappy mood on top of how pissed I am at the whole Saint Whitney crap. So this is an extra ranty rant.

I am not disputing the extreme talent that Whitney Houston had. Not at all. Every time I hear her rendition of the U.S. National anthem from the Superbowl in 1991, I get chills. I'm getting chills just writing about it. And I'm not even an American.

That being said:

  • First - That is a Dolly Parton song, Dolly sang it better, and it bugs me that Whitney gets so much credit for that song.
  • Second - She was a drug addict.
  • Third - when was the last time that she released an album? Her drug habit prevented her from doing anything in the last fifteen years.
  • Fourth - because she was a drug addict, she chose to kill herself.
  • Fifth - what a waste. She wasted her life and her talent.
  • Sixth - poor, poor Bobbi-Kristina.
  • Seventh - she did this to herself. She made a bad, bad choice. Because of that choice, she took from the world an amazing talent that should have been used for good. This woman was a role model to so many young girls and she ruined it.
  • Eighth - Drugs are bad, m'kay?
Whitney Houston has gone the way of all those talents who have gone before her - Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Sid Vicious... Now she's just another poster child for why we shouldn't do drugs.

Addiction is a real thing. It sucks. It ruins your life. It takes away your ability to choose. You can choose not to start. Once you choose to start, sometimes you can't choose to stop. Sometimes the only way to stop is through death. For those who have overcome addiction: awesome for you. That's so great. You have overcome something powerful. Not everyone has the strength to overcome addiction. Whitney Houston was one of those people.

I'm so sorry she died. I'm so sorry she wasted her life. I'm so sorry for her family. I'm so sorry for her daughter. I'm so sorry she got involved in drugs and was so messed up. I'm so, so sorry.

Don't do drugs. They're bad. You can't get addicted if you never try them. They will hurt you. They will hurt your family. They will hurt the people who love you.

I think it's an incredibly selfish thing to get hooked on drugs. You become a drain on your family, loved ones, society, and yourself. You become the absolute worst version of yourself. I'm sure that you can quit anytime, that you're the exception and look at Robert Downey Jr. and Anthony Kedis. Sure, sure that's all fine and good, but I think you're making a terrible gamble. You're gambling your life.

I think it's nice that folks want to honour Whitney for her amazing talent and for the talent she inspired in others, but let's not put her up on a pedastal. She was a drug addict. She wasted her talent. She wasted her life.

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