Monday, March 12, 2012

ADD Society

The internet is ruining everything.

I’m just kidding.

But seriously, the internet really is ruining everything. We used to be this quiet, mild mannered, church-on-Sunday society.

Now we have iPods blaring in our ears, our own YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account. Having an email account is not enough anymore. Most of us have blogs and tumblrs. If I sit on my couch, I have access to so many sources for information or communication; the TV, my iPod, my phone (cell phone and home phone), the computer with tabs opened to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I can also be logged on to Skype. We’re surrounded!

I hardly ever check my email because I have so many other avenues of communication.

It’s so LOUD!

It seems that one has to be loud for anyone to pay attention any more. The louder and more obnoxious you are, the more you are noticed, the more successful you are. Talkin’ to you: Kardashians and Jersey Shore.

There is good stuff out there, you just have to dig and dig through fifty feet of crap just to get there. We’ve become so lazy because information is being thrown at us from every angle that we never ever have to seek out information any more.

One of the movie theatres has this ad encouraging you to turn off your cell phone before the movie. This guy is walking along and the angry birds are flying around his head, annoying orange is on his shoulder, etc. The theatre usher tells him that he has to leave all his friends outside. It’s cute and clever and I appreciate the reminder to turn off my phone. I almost CUT a chick at the “Breaking Dawn” premiere who was texting throughout. We were in stadium seating and her head was just a little to the right and if I just flicked my toe out a bit… - I digress. What I was trying to say is that I feel like that guy with all the apps spinning around his head.

SHHHHH! Be quiet!

There are good things out there, and if you look past all the shouting and jumping up and down and Mr. Jazz Hands videos, you will see them. You will be rewarded. Sometimes the quiet and subtle things are the most beautiful, unique and worth it.

It takes a special person to see around all the hubbub and really find something of value. Unfortunately, there is a LOT of hubbub.

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