Monday, March 5, 2012

Leave a Message

I have had the same outgoing voicemail message since 1996.

In 1996 I moved out of my and my roommate’s apartment to find myself living alone in a bachelor suite at the corner of 11th and Alberta Street in Vancouver. The apartment was in one of those old houses that are chopped up into apartments. I had always wanted to live in that neighbourhood. The bathroom was down the hall. The front windows had craftsman style stained glass tulips along the top. My kitchen was tiny. I had a view of BC Place, the Cambie Street bridge, and City Hall out my window. I absolutely loved that apartment. I felt like Mary Tyler Moore.

Since this was my first place on my own, I could have my very own message for my voicemail. I didn’t have to take anyone else into consideration.

I used this Cub song for my inspiration. 

My sister, otherwise known as the-person-who-called-me-the-most, HATED my message. It was kind of long, so every time she called me she would have to listen to the whole message before leaving her own message which was usually prefaced with “change your bleeping message!!”

This one time while I was living on Alberta Street, I got a wrong number message. Some dude calling some other chick. He didn’t leave a number. He called back and left me another message saying that he had figured out that he had the wrong number, but just wanted to tell me how much he liked my outgoing message. HAH! Validation! In your FACE, Mrs. Bowie!

I got married while living on Alberta street and moved to Salt Lake City, UT and no longer had that number. Now that I was married, we had to have a “couple” outgoing message. No, we did not have one of those goofy messages where both people take turns talking. Those are lame. We are not lame people.

In 2000 I finally gave in and got a cell phone so I was able to have my very own outgoing message again. I reverted to my original message, but shortened it so it only had one verse instead of two.

Shortly after, I got a wrong number message followed by the comment that my outgoing message was the rudest message he had ever heard. Guess he wasn’t a Cub fan.

I have since switched phone plans and phones a couple of times, but I have kept the same outgoing message.

I don’t care what anyone thinks. I love my outgoing voicemail message and I will keep it forever.

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