Saturday, March 3, 2012

Awaiting Eternity

Sometimes the universe is just so out to get me and try as I might, I flip and I flip, but there are just no good songs on the radio.

I feel like this: (you have to wait until to 1:16)

I was having one of those moments the other day and was about to just turn the stupid thing off having no hope that there was any good music left in the world, when I remembered that I HAVE A CD PLAYER IN MY CAR!

And I have CDs in my car!

One of the reasons why I bought the car in the first place was because it had a CD player. I have never owned a car with a cassette deck that worked let alone a CD player. My husband came by my work with the car so that I could test drive it and he had just bought me the Annie Lennox “Bare” album on CD and had it playing on the CD player when he picked me up. (he’s great, I know) Between that and the fact that we could have the front seat all the way back and still fit an adult in the back seat and we were sold.

So I fished in the console and picked out a CD, opened the CD case holding the CD case on the top of the steering wheel so that I could drive at the same time, and put in the CD; the throbbing base of the Rose Chronicles filling my car and instantly improving my mood, easing my mind that there was actually good music out there, and restoring my faith in humanity.

The mere act of opening the CD case caused memories upon memories of buying and listening to CDs flood my brain.

I’ve been so caught up in the digital age what with satellite radio and my iPod, that I had forgotten the joy of opening up a jewel case and popping in a CD. The smell of the liner notes. How I would read the liner notes from front to back while listening to the CD for the first time, and then reading along with the lyrics while listening through for the second time.

How tangible everything was.

How I used to pay attention to the music.

How I used to pay attention to the words being expressed.

How I used to actually stop, and LISTEN to music.

In my former life, I would DJ dances. I had over 600 CDs in my collection. I had a BMG account. I would buy a whole CD just for one song. I was always cruising the Georgia Strait for announcements for sales at A&B Sound. Even now, I still love to flip through the CDs at Target or the grocery store or wherever, just to experience the act of perusing new music.

Only a fraction of those have been transferred to my iPod, but that’s another post for another time.

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