Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where’s my Ben Gay?

It just gets worse and worse. Technology is ruining everything. I remember when TVs were black and white, had three channels, and you had to GET UP OFF YOUR BUTT to change the channel. (Or throw stuff at your sister until she got up and changed it, like I did). I remember when there was ONE phone in the house, it had a rotary dial and a CORD attached to the WALL, and was in the kitchen, so private conversations never happened. I remember when we had to wait ALL WEEK for Saturday to be able to watch cartoons. I remember when you needed to know something you had to go to the library or look it up in an encyclopedia!

You kids get off my lawn! You want your ball back? Well it’s mine now!!!

I have my iPod Touch and Google phone on my night stand beside my bed. My netbook sits there too when I’m not using it. I have an iMac in my kitchen. Sometimes my husband and I will be watching TV and he will be logged on to the iMac and his iPad at the same time, while I sit right next to him and message him with my iPod Touch while he is texting people on his phone. Sometimes we will be in bed right next to each other and Facebooking each other; he on his iPad, me on my iPod. Sometimes, I will log off of my iMac in the kitchen, get ready for bed, get in bed and log in to my netbook It’s a sickness, I tell ya.

I don’t think technology is terrible, it has its uses, I’m just saying that I remember a time before technology and I know that we all lived just fine without it. What did we do before cell phones when you were in the dairy section and the husband’s in the meat section at Costco and you need to know if we’re out of cheese and you couldn’t call or text him to find out? We lived, I tell you! And we LIKED it! We were GRATEFUL for it!

I also will not allow my boys to have TVs, computers, or video games in their rooms. We have a Wii system in the family room and the boys can play games on the computer in the kitchen, but that’s it. We only have two TVs in our house; one upstairs and one downstairs. I will not allow a TV in our bedroom either. My eleven year old is not allowed to have a cell phone until he’s in junior high and has to take the bus. Whenever the weather is nice, and sometimes if it’s not, I kick the boys outside and make them have “fresh air time”. “But what should we do?” they complain. “I don’t care, make something up!” I say. Why in my day, we came home from school, changed clothes, and went back outside and stayed outside until supper!! We COMPLAINED when we had to come Inside!

I’m the grumpiest, old maniest, meanest mom ever, I know.

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