Tuesday, July 2, 2013

There Will be Singing

A society without rules is chaos. That being said, there is a rule that when certain songs come on the radio, they must be sung out loud.

Squeeze's Tempted  is my number one favourite song to sing out loud and every single time it comes on the radio, I have to sing it out loud. It's the rules and I can't break the rules. Normally, I'm alone in the car, but sometimes I'm not. Sometimes it's just the boys that are in the car, but sometimes one of the boys has a friend with them. This goes without saying, but they get like, so embarrassed when I sing out loud.

(I included the version with the words in the video so that you can sing along too)

I know that it's the worst thing in the world to hear the words "your mom is so cool!" from your friends. I used to hear it all the time too. Especially when she would sing along to the radio.

Sorry, I don't make the rules, I just follow them.

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