Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Wish I was a Witch

Maybe it’s all the reading I’ve been doing. I’m reading the Beautiful Creatures series, and I’m on book six of Harry Potter with Dewey. Am I envious of Lena Duchannes, or Molly Weasley or Hermione Granger?

Sadly, there are some people who know me who would say that I am a witch. Or, more correctly, something that rhymes with witch. To that I admit, but I’m talking about having magical powers.

I wouldn’t really be the bubble bubble toil and trouble dance around a cauldron making potions type, that’s too much like cooking. I would suck at potions and Snape would be constantly whacking me up side the head. I would be more of the spells and conjuring type of witch.

I would like to be like Molly Weasley and make the dishes do themselves, and have the books dust themselves, the pots stir themselves. I would make cooler looking sweaters and probably not have as many kids, but that’s because I don’t have magical powers.

I would be like Lena Duchannes and manipulate the weather to match my moods. I would have songs playing that are written just for my own personal situation. I would live in a gorgeous plantation mansion where the interior changed to reflect the occasion.

I would be like Hermione Granger and retain everything I ever read and know every spell I ever needed for my protection and that of those I loved. I would also be able to make beautiful things like a white rose wreath to place on the graves of my best friend’s parents, or a circle of fluffy yellow birds to sing to me and cheer me up. I could apparate and disapparate anywhere I needed to be and never have to worry about traffic.

Plus, most witches have such fabulous wardrobes. The shoes alone!
When I was a kid, all witches were wicked and ugly, but now that I’m grown and have learned and read more, I know that not all witches are bad and I wish I had their magical powers. Not so sure I would be able to use my powers only for good, though…

Honourable mentions: Alex Russo, Glinda the Good Witch, Minerva McGonnigal

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