Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Artist do you have the Most of in your Music Collection?

This used to be one of my get-to-know-you questions that I would use on dates. It was my test to see how cool a person was. Music is very important to me, so it was important to me that I surrounded myself with people that felt similarly. I didn’t even care if I agreed with the person’s selection, I just cared how the person felt and what their reasoning was behind their choice in music.

What you have the most of in your music collection says a lot about you.

My answer? INXS

DH’s answer? Chicago.

I am a person who is young-at-heart (fourteen, to be exact), and loves to experience things. Emotions, feelings (are they the same thing?), beauty, etc. I like to use all my senses to participate in the goings on around me. I love to see things and feel them on my skin, and hear the sounds and taste the air, etc. I love to move my body, I love to dance. If it has a good beat and I can dance to it, then it’s good music to me.

INXS is one of those bands that just speaks to all of these things in me. The music is completely danceable, and expressive, great and it's a party. When I hear their music, I can see colour and smell it and physically feel it. To me, it is all encompassing. It makes my whole body smile. I always took it as a compliment when people used to tell me I reminded them of Michael Hutchence.

So think about it – What artist do you have the most of in your collection? Have I asked you this question before? Is your answer different now than it was then? What does the fact that you have so many albums by this one artist say about you?

And if you tell me that you only have like 3 albums and they were all gifts, then we can’t be friends.

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