Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekly Check-in

Happy Monday!

Ah Monday. Everyone complains about you, but not me!! Monday is the beginning. The weekend is over. We celebrated the week, we had some good times, and now we have the beginning of a new week! A new chance! Yay for beginnings!

Remember these? Thought I should check-in.

Physically: Sore, but that's because I spent the weekend in bed because of some weird achy flu. My whole body hurt. Even my eyelashes hurt. I'm feeling better now.

Emotionally: Normal. Not stressed, not anxious, not anything., but not numb either. I guess this means I'm satisfied? This is so good.

Spiritually: Um, I don't know the word for this. Guilty? Scared? I know that I'm not where I should be and I feel bad about that but I'm too scared to do what I need to do to get where I need to be.

Goal: This is always where I stop typing and stare off into space. It seems that every time I set a goal I accomplish everything except the goal and the goal becomes the hardest thing to do. My goal this week is to read my scriptures before bed every night.

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