Friday, May 17, 2013

Storm's Comin' Ani

I love this time of year – its drive with the windows down weather!!

I was on my way to Del Taco for fish tacos and rejoiced that the sun was not blazing down – it was actually cloudy. The kind of oppressive cloudy where the roiling clouds are bearing down on you with impending doom. The impending doom of wind and rain and thunder and lightning. I had to do a little happy dance on my way to the car celebrating the weather.

Side note: I thought I had made up a word with roiling (rolling and boiling), but spell check didn’t spazz out so I had to look it up and it’s an actual word.
Verb (used with object)
To render (water, wine, etc.) turbid by stirring up sediment.
To disturb or disquiet; irritate; vex: to be roiled by a delay.
Verb (used without object)
To move or proceed turbulently.

Origin: 1580–90;  origin uncertain

un·roiled, adjective

roil, royal.

2. Annoy, fret, ruffle, exasperate, provoke, rile

I’m happy and sad about that.

Other side note: Whattheheck Del Taco? No lime in my second fish taco? Where’s my lime, bishes?!

What can I say? I love weather. I love the changes, the unpredictability, the clouds, the wind, the rain – you know. The shapes the clouds make, the colours of the clouds and the sky. The feeling of the wind, that it can be calm and soothing and then immediately whip into a frenzy and be all crazy. The way the wind feels against my skin and in my hair.

The air is all electric and pending. There is that crazy, tingly, butterflies-right-before-going-on-stage feeling of something coming. I can feel it in my bones and on my skin and in my hair.
I love how the sky feels so close, like its right on top of you and peering over your shoulder about to do all kinds of naughty things.

I love this time of year.

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