Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shop your Closet - Music Edition

So, we're trying to get out of debt for once and for all. As a result of this, I have put a purchasing embargo on all things iTunes.

I have a huge music library. A million years ago, I belonged to BMG Music club and always forgot to mail back the thing that said I didn't want the CD of the month. Also, as a result of having to fulfill my minimum purchase obligation, I often bought an album just for one song. I have a lot of music.

One of the reasons why I love listening to the radio so much is because I love to discover new sounds. I love to have new music introduced to me. I get so bored of my iPod and crave new music.

Since my discovery of iTunes, and since I never really got around to uploading all my old music on to iTunes, I have a lot of old music sitting on my CD shelf just sitting there.

I was as the point where I was sick of my iPod and feeling uninspired, so I went to my wall of CDs and grabbed a bunch of random CDs (starting at A and ending at J) that were not already loaded onto iTunes and loaded them up.

Oh. My. GOSH. INXS! Chris Isacc! Elton John!

You guys. I have excellent taste in music.

Lots and lots and lots...

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