Thursday, January 5, 2012


Here is a recent photo of me in Kauai:
It was taken just after my 40th birthday. Note the black t-shirt. This is one of my very favourite photos of me.

I have a number of photos of me hugging trees. Here's one of me in Maui in 2007: 
I am a literal tree hugger. (I am SO laughing at myself right now because I can see that I am wearing a black jacket! I think my mother is right!)

So my DH pointed out to me that all my blog was about was what I was wearing and that's pretty boring, so I started another blog. It's called WhatIWore. If you go to my profile you can see both blogs. So the 'style' portion of my life will be over there, and the ranting and raving and whining and moaning will be over here.
I literally could not sleep last night. I was thinking of all the things I could blog about and how the what I wore portion needed to be a separate blog and how I need to rant in this forum. That was why I named it that. That is why I am rant girl.
Some clarifications:
1) I have not been diagnosed with depression where I am in therapy and on medication. Many general practice doctors have told me that I'm "probably depressed". I do get depressed and stressed, and writing and journaling DOES help me with that, and many therapists that I have talked to have advised me to write to sort things out. I am not seeing a therapist and I am not on medication and I am not clinically depressed. That whole thing about my therapist was kind of a joke. Sorry if I mislead anyone.
2) I really do and do not care what people think of me. My sister, Jennifer "her awesomeness" Bowie, told me that she thought it was funny that in my profile I outright say that I care about what people think, where my very first post stated that I don't care what people think of me anymore. I care what people think if it's positive and feeds my ego. I desperately need to have my ego fed and be told how shiny and sparkly and awesome and funny I am. (so thanks SO much for all the comments!) I don't care what people think when it's negative and critical and stupid.
3) I have some addictions. They are as follows; Shoes, nail polish, Dr. Pepper, black t-shirts, and blogging.
4) I noticed that I was wearing a black t-shirt AND shorts AND my apron is black in my last post. That black t-shirt has writing on it and was not included in the black t-shirt count. I also forgot the 1200 pairs of black yoga pants I own. Black is slimming, right? I'm a colourful enough person that my wardrobe does not need to reflect that. Or I like to disappear in to the background, so I wear a lot of black. Or I really am scarred from the Matthew at the Zone incident. Or all of the above. You be the judge, internet.

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