Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I Wore Today 1-4-12

So here is today's outfit. Please forgive the goofy facial expression/pose/picture quality, I'm still new. I hope it gets better, not really looking to chronicle my level of idiocy. I was trying to document my hairstyle (ponytail) and more importantly my shoes. Major fail on both points
Grey 3/4 length boat-neck sweater, black pinstripe pants, awesome platform suede pumps. (I took this one at work, hence the ID badge) Again I am devastated that you can't see my shoes. They are my most recent purchase and my greatest love. I wear a lot of black tights in the winter and I am constantly on the search for 1) shoes that I can wear with black tights, and 2) the perfect pair of black pumps.
Weight: 164.4.
A history: in 1990 or somewhere around there, I bought a pair of black pointy-toed 2 inch pumps from Le Chateau. They were perfect. They were the perfect height, the perfect pointy-ness, the perfect shade of black, the perfect comfort, the perfect curvy heel. The best compliment I ever got while wearing them was when my mum pointed them out to my Aunt Jo-Ann saying, "Look at her shoes, aren't they exactly like all the shoes we wore in the sixties?" Aunt Jo-Ann agreed. My Aunt Jo-Ann has awesome style, so I was overjoyed that she liked my shoes. At the time I worked in the mall and was friends with the manager of one of the shoes stores (natch). In his store there were a pair of black suede and patent spectator style pumps. I fell in LOVE with them. Because he was my friend or because I was a good customer, he let me know when they went on sale which was just before my cousin Cyndi's wedding (incidentally, Cyndi is Aunt Jo-Ann's daughter) so I bought them. I had previously planned on wearing my Le Chateau pumps with my new red dress to Cyndi's wedding, and her wedding was a 5 hour drive away, so I was already packed before I went to work, and was going to drive up right after work. I bought the new spectator pumps just before leaving work, so drove up to the hotel where my family was staying with the packed Le Chateau shoes and the new spectator pumps still in the box. I decided to wear my new shoes to Cyndi's wedding because they were so pretty, and left my old Le Chateau shoes abandoned at the back of the closet in the hotel. I think they took the rejection pretty hard as they ran away and I have never seen them since. I desperately called the hotel to see if they were "in the lost and found" (I was 19 and didn't know any better), but alas, they were gone forever. EVER SINCE THAT DAY I have been searching for replacements for those shoes. I have yet to find them. I thought I found them last year, but the leather is too opaque and therefore does not look black enough to be able to go with black tights.
That is the main reason I own so many pair of black shoes.

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