Monday, January 9, 2012

Literally Driving Myself Crazy

You know that you are an agressive driver when your two-year-old yells "Go!!" from his carseat when the light turns green and no one is going.
I get so frustrated with the drivers around here. I swear that since Utah is full of Mormons that they are just relying on the Holy Spirit to keep them safe, so they don't have to pay attention. To anything. Green lights, speed limits, passing lanes, traffic laws in general. I have been known to yell out loud knowing full well that they can't hear me at the people on the road in front of me.
I don't usually honk or gesture, I do try to be patient. This one time I was waiting for the light to change green. We were in a long line of cars when the light turned green. All the cars went when the light changed except for the car in front of me. I waited the required 5 seconds to allow the person to notice and go and when they didn't go, I tooted my horn. I didn't lay on my horn or honk loudly or yell "GO!!" out my window. I just tooted to urge them along. The dude FLIPPED ME THE BIRD!! What a chump.
So besides people not knowing that green means go, I cannot tolerate not going at least the speed limit. I am aware that it is a speed LIMIT and not a guideline. I am aware that there are reasons that one would not go the speed limit, like weather conditions, or traffic, or stupid idiots, but come ON! Don't they know that I have places to be? Why can't they just get over? Brigham Young made it so that we have really wide streets so there are almost two lanes going everywhere. MOVE. OVER!
I have this fear that if people habitually drive slow on a certain stretch of road that they will lower the speed limit because that is just what everyone drives. There is this stretch of road near my house that the posted speed limit is 50 mph and then goes to 55 mph. People must not know this because they drive between 40 and 45 along there and to make matters worse there is only one lane. It drives me NUTS. I want to take out a bull horn and yell at all the people in front of me "Yo! It's FIFTY! Move it!" We need bigger signs and they need to be posted more frequently along that road.
I almost committed hairy carey today what with all the driving 10 under that was happening. Thank goodness that new Gotye song came on the radio and chilled me out and distracted me enough to not get out my flamethrower and go crazy in the middle of the road today.

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