Friday, January 13, 2012

Commuting with Sirius

Two years ago, the company I worked for closed the office I worked in so I had to change locations. The office I was at was two miles from home. The new office is 15 miles away. My commute went from five minutes to fifteen, so my commute tripled. My positive spin on this was that at least I got to listen to the radio.
I have a special place in my heart for radio. When I was nine years old, I travelled half way across Canada with my family. We road-tripped in our 1978 LTD Station wagon towing a tent-trailer. I can only imagine what a nightmare trip that must have been for my parents as I am the oldest of four children. My youngest sister was not even two when we made this trip. Let me tell you a little bit about Canada. Ninety percent of Canada's population live within 50 miles of the Canada-U.S. border. There is one highway in Canada, the Trans-Canada highway. (just kidding, there are more highways, but the Trans-Canada is the big one that goes from the West Coast all the way east) It travels along where the railroad was built. Once you get past the Rockies, the Trans-Canada is a straight shot all the way to Ontario. There are three provinces between British Columbia and Ontario. They are all flat and they are all boring. Once we got to the prairies, we saw nothing but wheat fields for 3 days. Needless to say, my parents got divorced right after we got home from that trip.
While traveling in the station wagon, my sister and brother and I would play "radio station". My dad had bought this portable stereo to take on the trip so that we could amuse ourselves. (I think) It had a radio, an 8-track and a cassete deck. - This was 1980 - . How awesome is that? My dad had that radio forever. I wonder if he still has it? Anyway, we would record songs off the radio, or off the 8-tracks. It had a microphone, so we would make up our own songs, and interview each other and make up all kinds of stuff. My mum said that the tape recorder saved us from boredom the whole trip. We had so much fun with it. Our station call sign was KJDS Kids Radio. (KJDS are the first initials of all us kids).
I have been in love with radio ever since. Especially morning radio. I dreamed of becoming a Disc Jockey when I grew up. Still do. Radio has been my window to the outside. It has been my soundtrack to my life. It has helped me to find new and interesting things. It helps me to laugh and it always always helped me to get up in the morning.
We have a subscription to Sirius XM radio. We were introduced to it when my father-in-law passed away and we inherited his truck. He lived in the middle-of-nowhere, so he had XM radio installed in his truck. My husband fell in love with it and had it installed in my car too.
Once I learned how to use it, I fell in love with it too - especially when my favourite radio station in Utah went off the air. My two favourite stations on XM are Alt Nation and First Wave.
Sometimes my commute can totally suck because there is nothing good on the radio. Chunga is on commercial, and Sirius has nothing good on. I'm pretty sure that my death is going to be caused my me crashing at 75 MPH while flipping through the stations trying to find something good to listen to.
My morning commute was just that way this morning. The boys had no school, so I was able to get out of the house a little earlier than usual. Fortunately for me, this made up for the lack of something good on the radio:
What a beautiful sunrise!

The ride home was much more tolerable. There was this lovely ditty, and here is the last song I heard when pulling into the driveway.
But this, this right here made my day. You need to check it out. It is awesome and lovely and gorgeous and will make you feel all groovy inside.

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