Monday, November 19, 2012

Adventures in iTunes

I am the first to admit that I can be late to the party on many things. I am a lover and hater of technology. I love it for what it can do, but I hate it because it intimidates the crap out of me.

I am surprisingly old school when it comes to music. I was still buying CDs in 2006. My sister sent me a couple of iTunes and I never got them because I couldn’t figure out how to download them even though I had iTunes on my computer. I had only used it to upload my music from CDs. I received a 4G iPod Nano in 2006 for Christmas, but it wasn’t until someone gave me an iTunes gift card that I actually sat down and tried to figure out this whole electronic music thingy.

I have since upgraded to an iPod Touch because I need more memory for more songs.

I used to DJ dances in the early nineties– for fun, not for a living – so I had a LOT of CDs. When I got married in 1997, I brought with me over 600 CDs.

I’ve mentioned before that I used to buy a whole CD for just one song. With the advent of iTunes, I was able to buy just the one song for ninety-nine cents. It was like a whole new world had opened up to me! I have been buying song after song after song. I have a wishlist on iTunes that if I bought everything on the wishlist it would cost me around two HUNDRED dollars. I also have a list on my iPod Touch with hundreds more songs on it. I add to the iPod list when I am away from my computer and hear a song that I need to add to my ever growing list of music that I need.

Trust me, I NEED this music. I would die with out it.

Most of the songs I’ve been buying are ones that I couldn’t afford when I was just spending my babysitting money on music and I had to choose between a pair of shoes or really cute earrings and a cassette tape and the shoes usually won unless there was a REALLY good album, like Black Celebration or Notorious or something.

Since I jumped on the iTunes wagon, I have realized that I haven’t bought an album in a long time. I never bought an album until I had heard three songs that I liked. If I liked at least three songs, then the album would be worth my $9.99. The greatest thing about that would be that there would be songs on the album that weren’t played on the radio that were awesome! I would be able to discover these hidden secrets that other people who just listened to the radio wouldn’t know about. I loved that power. Some of my favourite songs are ones that are just on the album and were never played on the radio.

Slowly but surely, as I’m getting to know new artists, I am buying albums on iTunes. I am still sticking to my three song rule, so by the time I’ve bought three songs, the album only costs me ten bucks! I’m still so cheap that I’ll only spend ten dollars on an album.

Last album bought on CD: Weezer – The Red Album
First album bought on iTunes: The Black Keys – Brothers

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