Friday, November 16, 2012

Check in

Gonna try this therapy type thingy that I got from Josh Weed. Looks like it might help.

It’s called a weekly Check-in. The rules are that you’re not allowed to say “good”.

Physically – I feel fat. All year long I have been trying to lose weight, but haven’t made ANY progress whatsoever. I have tried and tried and tried to stay away from the Dr. Pepper and the cheeseburgers and to walk the dog consistently. When I have accomplished those things, I have seen success. Unfortunately, I have fallen off the wagon about a thousand times (give or take) and am still at square one. I’m on the border of none of my clothes fitting.

Emotionally – I am a wreck. Several times a week I have to pull my car over to the side of the road because I am sobbing. Heart broken, uncontrollable, inconsolable, Niagra falls tears sobbing. I am so lonely and sad. I am so worried about my boys.

Spiritually – I am okay. I am not overwhelmed with spiritual goodness, but I am also not on a downward spiral, so that is a good thing. I feel like I am on good terms with God right now. I am good with Him and He is good with me. Church is not awful and I am able to attend the temple, pray and read my scriptures regularly. I am in a good place spiritually.

Goal – My goal this week is to walk the dog every day at least once for half an hour.

See you next week – hopefully sooner.

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