Friday, February 8, 2013


Physically – Terrible. Headache. Tired. Every. Day. I did go to Yoga on Saturday and that was very excellent and challenging and I need to go more often, but I hurt until Wednesday. Yikes.

Emotionally – Not good. I find myself wishing for a car accident or cancer or something just so that I can get some rest. I miss DH even though he's right there. I feel homesick and I'm home.

Spiritually – Not as good as I could be, but I have faith that things will get better. I’m giving a talk in church on Sunday, so I’m hoping to go to the temple in preparation for that. My faith is the only thing keeping me afloat right now.

Goal – My goal last week was to have the neckerchiefs finished. DONE! In fact, I had them done in time for troop meeting on Monday. That felt good.

My goal this week is to hole out in the bathroom downstairs and spend some time playing with beauty products. I desperately need some me time.

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