Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Magic Time

Every once in a while the universe will deliver me a gimme. All the planets and stars align to give me that perfect moment. Some time where I can actually sit down and breathe.

The other night the boys did not exhaust me to the point of suicide. They were actually playing together when I got home from work. There was no television, computer or iPods involved; just two little boys on the floor with their Legos, cars, Lincoln Logs, Transformers, and imaginations. I made dinner and no one complained. Dewey, known as The Pickiest Eater Ever to Exist Ever, even thanked me for dinner. Dishes were cleared, homework completed, reading done without incident. There was no button pushing or tattling. Even Orso behaved. After reading Harry Potter, Dewey and DH went to bed and promptly fell asleep. Huey willingly went into his room and read. The house was so peaceful I didn’t know what to do with myself. Leaving Orso content to sit at his post at the top of the stairs, I grabbed a book and read in the front room until I was tired, turned off all the lights, put Orso to bed, told Huey lights out (which he complied) and snuggled into bed with DH who had warmed the bed very nicely.

In addition to this perfect moment, I was wearing my comfortable but cute jeans, my favourite tshirt which is from Princeville, Kauai, HI, fluorescent pink socks that boost my mood, my fuzzy slippers, and a sweater that my mum knitted for herself while she was pregnant with me. My favourite room in the house is our front room. I wanted it to be like a library, so I have decorated it with cozy warm colours. My favourite chairs in the world are in there and the lighting is very soft and soothing.

Lately I haven’t had any time to myself and I’ve been so tired that by the time I get the boys settled down, I crash into bed. My ultimate goal in life as a mother is to have everyone settled down in their beds so that I can have time to myself in the evenings. This doesn’t happen often, I wish it happened more frequently, but maybe if it was more frequent I would take it for granted and not love it so much.

In a nutshell, I wanted to describe to you the perfect evening and celebrate the fact that it actually happened.

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