Monday, February 4, 2013

Tell me about your day, dear

Sometimes you just have those days. Those days that frazzle you to the end of your mental strength and all you can do is laugh for fear of crying. For me, the “things” tend to multiply like bunnies.

Last weekend I was supposed to take Huey shopping for his Boys Gym class that he is taking this semester. He had been telling me since the prior Thursday that he needed running shoes and a combination lock. Thursday was the day of freezing rain and there was no way I was going out in that skating rink. Friday I made a special trip to the school to buy him a PE shirt (and sweatshirt, per his request, but they don’t have sweatshirts) and pay for his yearbook. I should have just gotten a lock at that time, but he needed shoes, and I needed him with me to get the shoes, so I decided I would wait until Saturday.

Saturday was spent on the couch watching Pitch Perfect and then watching it again which led to a couple of episodes of Veronica Mars and then Gilmore Girls which blended into The Women and You’ve Got Mail and The Women again. I fell asleep in front of the TV that night and totally forgot about Huey’s needs for school. I did, however, get all the laundry done and folded.

I remembered the lock and shoes on Sunday during the blizzard. We got a foot of snow on Sunday, and by the time the snow stopped, there was no time to get a lock or shoes. I decided that we would scrounge around the house to put together some gym clothes, DH would have to lend out his running shoes temporarily, and I would buy a lock in the morning. DH made a big stink about how Huey needed to just go without as punishment for not taking responsibility for the need for a lock and remembering on Saturday, but I thought that was ridiculous as Huey had reminded me several times prior to Saturday, and I kept putting him off, it was my fault too, and this is the beginning of a new semester and I want Huey to start off on the right foot. 

Monday morning came and the snow day I had been praying for did not happen. I overslept, but woke Huey in time to tell him that I was leaving to get his lock. Because I had to scrape the car, I had no time to dig the car out or clear any of the snow out of the driveway. On the way to Smith’s, one of the railway crossings had the arms down and lights flashing, but no train. I was stopped for five minutes in the ice and snow until we decided to drive around the arms. There was no one to direct traffic, but we made it through. I was able to get the right kind of lock (even picked out one that Huey told me later that he really likes – I thought that he would like to have a green one that stood out so that he would know which one was his and I was right!) and vamoose out of the store in record time. I called Huey to make sure he got Dewey out of bed – which he did, bless that boy – and left the store. I slipped and slid out of the Smith’s parking lot to the point where I was worried I was going to get t-boned by on-coming traffic. I made it safely and slowly trekked through the slush on the way home.

When I got home, Huey was in the garage waiting for me ready to go to school. Unfortunately, he had not packed his gym clothes or his lunch. We had enough time for me to throw both boys’ lunches together, along with the gym clothes and me to throw on something for work before running out the door. I got stuck trying to get out of our driveway. After much rocking back and forth and denying Huey’s offer of having him and Dewey get out and push, I made it out. We dropped Dewey off in plenty of time and I made my way up to the Jr. High. I will say one thing about Bountiful and North Salt Lake’s departments of public works; every hill was plowed and salted. I am very, very thankful for that. Huey was a few minutes late, so I parked and we proceeded into the school so that I could sign him in just as his bus pulled into the driveway. He just blended in with the crowd and made like he was on the bus, thus not getting a tardy. I took a few minutes to text my work that I was running late and to get the rest of the snow off the car. Fortunately, I didn’t get stuck in the parking lot like I had on the Friday prior. When I went to enter the freeway, the meters were on (you know, the red/green lights only letting one car through at a time?) so I had to stop on the ice. Getting started up to enter the freeway was slow and slippery. By the time I got to work my arms were shaking from gripping the steering wheel so tightly.

When I got to work I realized that I had forgotten the following:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • My headphones
  • My iPod
  • To brush my teeth.

The rest of the day went normal, 7-11 and Burger King provided my “nourishment” for the day, and the drive home was fine except it took me about five tries to get into the driveway. DH had shoveled everything, except for the entrance into the driveway that was a foot and a half thick of slush, snow, ice and mush.

The next morning, DH happily reported to me that there was no new snow. We were supposed to get more overnight, so I was very relieved. When I let the dog out two hours later, there was about an inch of new snow. It had started snowing about 6am. I wasn’t worried, an inch is pittance. I spent more time than normal untagging a bunch of pictures on Facebook. My friend had tagged me in a bunch of photos that were not of me so that I could see them. Knowing that this would confuse my family and non-highschool friends, I took the time to un-tag myself. Just when there was no more time for dilly-dallying, I opened the pantry to get the peanut-butter out to make Huey’s lunch when two serving platters (one of which I have had for several years but never used) slid off the top shelf, nearly missing my head and crashed to the floor, breaking in a thousand pieces. I absolutely had to get Huey’s lunch made or he’d miss the bus, so I left the mess to deal with the lunch. Orso heard the crash from outside, so was barking manically at the door, but I couldn’t let him in with all the broken glass and pottery on the floor. I got Huey out the door, cleaned up the broken dishes, choking back tears of disappointment and rethinking my purpose in life, put together Dewey’s lunch and threw on some jeans so that I wouldn’t be taking Dewey to school in my jammies - again. When I was putting Dewey’s lunch in his backpack, Dewey said, “Mom, what are you doing?” What do you think I’m doing? “But it’s Tuesday!” Tuesday is pizza day – the only day Dewey will eat school lunch. So I unpacked Dewey’s lunch (at least I don’t have to make it tomorrow) and took him to school. In my rush and not thinking that an inch could do much damage, I was driving too fast for conditions and found myself in a 180 degree spin while going around the corner. Fortunately, there was no one around and no damage was done. I just ended up sideways on the street. Dewey said it perfectly; “That would have been totally awesome if we couldn’t have died!”

I had to go back home to change into work clothes. When I went into my closet to change into my chosen outfit, I realized that my nails would not coordinate with the clothes of choice, so I had to throw together something completely different.

The commute was still slow and go and quite slippery, but not as bad as the day before. I remembered to pack my own lunch that morning, and when I got to my desk, I saw my happy face mug and decided to make myself a cup of hot chocolate to calm my nerves. It turned out extra yummy which made me super happy.

I still stand by my love for snow. I even looked forward to going home and shoveling as the snow has been falling off and on all day, but I’m not loving the timing of the snowfall as of late. The inversion is gone, temperatures are above freezing and will continue to be. Guess it can only go uphill from here!

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