Thursday, February 21, 2013

Face Facts – You are Never Going to Be a Stay-At-Home-Mom

This is what twelve-year-old Huey told me yesterday in reference to my blogging. What - was my query? Whatever do you mean? I fully didn’t understand. There are more people in this world than just mommies blogging about their kids.

Obviously he doesn’t read my blog, or he would know that I am totally not striving to be one of those mommy-bloggers. I have nothing against mommy-bloggers at all. I enjoy reading their blogs. They are funny and cute and have their audience. I have no audience, therefore no leg to stand on. (my kid nor my husband even read my blog – basically it’s just my mother every six months, and my Mother-in-law -Hi C3PO!)

It was like he thought that I was trying to be something I’m not by blogging. Clearly he doesn’t understand, but that’s not the point. I fear there is something more going on here.

This also reminded me about the things that I would say to my mother: trying to teach her the ways of the world like I knew so much more than she - me being twelve, her being older than twelve.

This got me to thinking: just what does he think Moms do? What is his opinion of women? It doesn’t seem to be too high and that needs to be nipped directly in the bud! I am not raising a misogynistic dope like his father*!! No way! So I’m trying to think of what to do/say/teach here. Not quite sure how to show him how awesome the opposite sex is without making him all female-centric. I’m looking for balance.

*he's not really a misogynist - he just didn't get schooled very well in his youth about certain things.

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