Friday, February 1, 2013


Physically – Well, I’m not dead. In the past week I have been to the gynecologist, the dentist, and had a mammogram. I am very glad all that is taken care of and out of the way. I’m a little sick of appointments. I have a headache, which has caused some weakness on the Dr. Pepper/fast food front. Now that I am done with that prescription and I’m at the beginning of a new month, I’m going to be better, I just know it. Since the new dose of thyroid medicine, I’ve stayed below 170, so that’s good. I’m also tired due to headache and not sleeping properly because of caffeine and weird dreams.

Emotionally – I can’t think of the word. I want to say “burned out” but “in need of a mental vacation” is more like it. There just seems to be so much to do and so much going on and I can’t turn my brain off and I’m starting to get too stressed out. I have a lot going on in the back of my mind and don’t have the time to bring it to the forefront and deal with it. The weather is making me happy, though.

Spiritually – Grateful. Safe. I feel like a lot of my prayers have been answered and I feel really blessed and taken care of right now.

Goal – Last week was a major fail. I part way justified my non-gym attendance because I took Orso out for a walk, but not really.

This week’s goal is to get all of Huey’s troops’ neckerchiefs sewn and finished before the spaghetti dinner.

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