Thursday, June 6, 2013

No more Pencils No more Books…

I can’t decide, but I’m pretty sure I am more excited about the boys being out for summer than they are.

See, they have stuff like swimming and summer school and scout camp that they have to do, but I don’t.

Here are the dos and don’ts of summer vacation:

I don’t have to wake up sleepy grumpy boys three times each and threaten with earlier bedtimes and iPod confiscation if they don’t get up.

I don’t have to make lunches/hunt down lunchboxes/make do when said lunchbox is left at school.

I don’t have to remember which day is pizza day.

I don’t have to worry about making sure school uniforms are clean.

I don’t have to worry about homework not being turned in.

I don’t have to fight with boys to get them to turn everything off and sit down and focus on their homework.

I don’t have to hear “I need help!”

I don’t have to worry about what the weather’s like and whether or not Dewey is going to ride his bike or I have to drive him to school.

I do get to wake up all by myself and have the kitchen to myself in the morning.

I do get to make myself pretty because I don’t have to worry about anyone else.

I do get to be to work on time, early even!

I do get to get in the habit of packing my own lunch so that when Labour Day rolls around I will be able to just add the making of the boy’s lunches to my morning routine and all will be good.

I am just loving summer more and more.

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