Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Check-In

Physically: Tired, but okay

Emotionally: Grumpy because I'm so tired, but otherwise okay

Spiritually: In a good place.

Goal: My goal last week was to go to Yoga as much as possible. Yoga is on Tues, Wed and Sat. Tues was our monthly Relief Society meeting, so I missed on Tues. Wed Huey had an activity that he had to be driven to, so I missed Wed. Sat Aunt Flo hit me with a vengeance, and ain't no way I'm twisting myself into a pretzel when that kind of stuff is going down.

I'm still reading my scriptures every night.

In addition to the do-over with the yoga, my goal this week is to drink 1 oz of water for ever 1 oz of soda that I drink.

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