Wednesday, June 26, 2013

They're Ba-ack!

You don't have to count them, there's a lot
I caught Orso furiously licking his paw the other day, and I knew I had to take action immediatley. TWENTY-SIX seed pods later, we were done.

I have seen the seed pods in the laundry and the carpet, and when I brush Orso, and in his tail. (ha ha, he has foxtails in his tail!!) I had been checking his paws from time to time and picking out a few here and there, but never as many as twenty-six. Sheesh!!

I am so sick of not having a back yard. I am so sick of the weeds. I am seriously going to burn the thing down.

Also, poor Orso has no where to frolic and laze under a tree or anything. Sad face for Orso.

Also, it's so embarassing that we've lived in this house for seven years and still don't have a back yard. I have so many visions of how pretty it will be when our yard is done. Sad face for me.
Look at my happy boy! All de-seeded.

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