Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Story About Friendship with some Astrology thrown in.

My best friend of my life, Berit, is a Leo. I am a Sagittarius.

Berit and I lived together for a time in Vancouver's West End. Some of my favourite memories have occurred at that apartment at the corner of Nelson and Jervis. Berit and I have been friends for so long that we are practically sisters.

At the time that we were roommates, Berit worked at the Vancouver Public Library. She had checked out this book called Love Signs or something like that, and we spent our evenings going through the book and analyzing everyone we knew and seeing if we were astrologically compatible with them. It was lovely fun.

One Sunday, we were walking to the bus stop on the way to church and bickering about something - I can't remember what. I just remember that I was adamant that I was right and said some things that while true, were pretty scathing, and hurt Berit's feelings. She said to me, "I don't even feel like walking next to you right now." and sped up in front of me. I let her go ahead because I knew what I said was not nice and I thought I would let her cool off before I apologized.

When I got to our usual bus stop, Berit was not there. I kind of freaked out a little because I didn't know what had happened to her. Knowing that she was still mad at me, and there was no way to find her, I got on the bus and went to church. A few stops down the line, Berit got on the bus, but she sat in the front of the bus - far from where I was sitting - in our usual spot in the back. This, of course, made me feel worse.

One of the things the astrology book pointed out that because Sagittarius' are archers, they tend to "shoot arrows of truth" out of their mouths and by thus doing hurt the ones they love.

The longer the day went on, and the longer she went without speaking to me and ignoring my attempts to make amends, the more I realized what I said was not good and that I needed to apologize. She wouldn't sit with me in church, nor beside me in Sunday School or Relief Society. I felt so awful, and I knew that she was going home to have dinner with her family. I couldn't let her leave without letting me apologize, but she wouldn't let me talk to her.

I drew a little cartoon of a lion (Leo) with a sad face, and arrow in it's paw. I wrote a little note of apology saying something to the effect of how I know that my words can hurt and I wasn't thinking and I was so very sorry. I put the drawing in her coat pocket.

After she came home from her parent's, she let me know that she got my note and she had forgiven me, but not after she let me stew and suffer for the pain I had caused her.

I love that girl so much.

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