Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daddy Daughter Date

It’s one o’clock in the afternoon and a blonde woman wearing a black tshirt and grey pencil skirt is sitting in her silver car at the drive-thru for Crown Burger. It is eighty-two degrees on this day at the end of July and it is overcast and barely rainy. She has the windows rolled down and is listening to Tones on Tails with the volume turned up really loud because this is a really good song. She is suffering from her monthly visit from Aunt Flo and therefore greatly anticipating that chocolate milkshake she just ordered.

The door to the restaurant opens and she observes a man in a plaid sleeveless shirt, trucker hat, jeans and construction boots holding the door open for a little girl. The little girl has medium length, medium brown hair and is wearing glasses. Her tshirt has a floral motif, and her many tiered ruffled skirt is a screaming, shocking pink; so are her matching flip-flops. She is holding a styrofoam cup in each hand; each emblazoned with a large letter ‘k’ written in sharpie. The man walks forward, but the little girl pauses at the curb. When the man encourages her forward, she jumps down onto the driveway and walks hand-in-hand with the man in front of the silver car. At the sidewalk they pause, and jump together up onto the sidewalk. The man proceeds forward towards the parking lot, stepping off the curb but is caused to stop because he is still holding hands with the little girl and she has stopped because she is preparing to jump down. Sufficiently corrected, the man backs up and steps up onto the sidewalk again in order to jump in tandem with the little girl. They walk off into the distance, presumably towards their parked car. The girl is skipping.

The woman pulls forward to pay for her burger and shake.

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