Friday, December 21, 2012


Holy crap! With all the bah humbugging I’ve been doing lately, I almost forgot to Check-in!

I really love the check-in.

Physically: Sick. I have a cold. My sinuses hurt so much and my nose won’t stop running and I can’t breathe. Other than that, though, I am okay. I’m not tired or dying, my face just hurts. A lot. DH just got a prescription for a sinus infection. I REALLY don’t want a sinus infection, so I’m drinking plenty of water and sucking on lozenges and getting enough rest. I’ve also continued to avoid caffeine although today was very tempting.

Emotionally: Happy enough. I’m grumpy about Christmas but not nearly as much as I could be. Things with DH continue to be good even though we’re both sick and avoiding each other because of germs. We’re both looking forward to his new schedule so that we will be able to sit beside each other on the couch and watch TV together. I’m also looking forward to Christmas and having time off and time to spend with my boys.

Spiritually: The same. I didn’t go to church last week because Saturday and Sunday were my worst days and all I did was sleep. I think that’s why I don’t feel as bad as I could this week.

Goal: My goal last week was to have Christmas wrapped up. With the cold knocking me on my bum the goal did not get accomplished. I still have to get a couple more things, but it can be accomplished in one trip. If only I could get out of my house!

My goal this week is to enjoy Christmas.

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