Friday, December 28, 2012


Physically - Not sick, not that tired, my back hurts, my hips are stiff due to the weather. I went off the Dr. Pepper wagon for Christmas, but I'll be back on the wagon after the new year. It will be okay.

Emotionally - Happy. Had a good Christmas overall. My hair looks cool, my nails are pretty, and my skin feels great. Things with DH and are not the greatest right now, but it's because he's sick and grumpy and likes to pick fights with me to get attention.

Spiritually - Feeling the reason for the season. Sacrament meeting was a Christmas program by the choir and they did an amazing job.

Goal - Last week's goal was to enjoy Christmas. Since I only had to yell twice, and I didn't lose my mind, I'm considering this a goal accomplished.

This week's goal is to organize my craft room on New Year's day.

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