Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas – can’t get into it

Bah freakin’ humbug. I don’t know what my drama is this year, I’m just not down with Christmas.

I can’t get into it. The boys are all for it and I’ve really tried. We put up the tree and some lights, we baked cookies. The tree is only half decorated and that’s only because I let Dewey put the decorations on the tree. All the presents are bought, but nothing’s wrapped or under the tree. I haven’t even taken the tree skirt or the stockings out of storage.

I’ve been blue with homesickness, so that was preventing me, but I went home, so I’m not homesick any more. I have since come down with a cold that’s kept me in bed for a week. All these random things keep preventing me from getting in the holiday mood and I just realized that Monday is Christmas eve.

I hate Christmas music; this year more so than in years past.

All Christmas movies are crap.

I can’t get down with all the decorations that I’m just going to have to turn around and put away in a week or so.

The weather. Yuck.

My Grama is dying.

The fact that I'm listening to my Summer playlist is not helping much.

I need to just suck it up and dig out my Holiday Spirit. The boys are so into Christmas this year and I need to be more present for them. They deserve to have a happy holiday.

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