Friday, January 4, 2013


Physically – Fine, Okay, a little tired, so normal. My knees hurt from scrubbing my entire house on New Year’s Day, but the satisfaction of having a clean house make up for that in spades. I have been caffeine free for a week and had the daily headaches to prove it! I have a doctor’s appointment to get my thyroid re-checked and fixed. Hoping that will help with the being overweight problem that I have.

Emotionally – Normal. I am experiencing the post Holiday Ho-Hum that everyone else is. DH is adjusting to his new schedule and is really happy, so that makes me happy too. The boys are back to school and not in each other’s faces and seem to be happy to be back to a routine, so that makes me happy too. Other than the bitter cold miserable weather that will eventually go away, everything is normal, and that makes me happy.

Spiritually – Even. Not high, not low. Perfectly normal. I am so happy about this.

Goal – Last week’s goal was to organize my craft room on New Year’s Day. HAH!! Good one, Rantgirl! I’ll let you in on a secret: I really wanted to have my house all cleaned up and Christmas put away on New Year’s Weekend, so I thought that if I set a goal to organize the craft room that I would get everything else done. Guess what? It worked! I got everything else done and the house looks so nice! I even took a bath!

This week’s goal is to continue being caffeine free and to avoid fast food.

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