Thursday, January 10, 2013

How it has been

I’ve been thinking a lot about my first anniversary post and composing in my head for the last two weeks. When I actually have the time to put pen to paper, I draw a blank. I’ve been blogging for a year? What’s blogging? This seems to be taking a lot longer than it needs to.

So this past year has been good. I’m glad I started this blog. I feel like it’s really not very good, but that’s okay because I don’t have a lot of readers, and I’m still working out my style and how I write. It’s good that I’m not this brilliant writer right out of the stocks. I’m glad to be finding my way and discovering my voice.

Kelly Oxford wrote this piece about becoming a writer and how she had a blog for years and she forced herself to write, even if it’s crap just for the exercise of writing. I took that to heart and have tried to write every day, even if it’s crap. I’m trying to not publish the crap and just keep that to myself. I hope you don’t mind. Unfortunately, sometimes hindsight gives you the ability to see crap after the fact. I call those times Learning Experiences.

So I’m glad that I’m blogging and I’m glad that I don’t have that many readers. I’m also glad that for the most part I don’t even know who they are, because I’m sure they read the amateurish stuff that I’m posting and totally roll their eyes. That’s okay.

I have found that when I have these things rolling around in my head that if I blog about them, I can find resolution. That is extremely therapeutic for me. I share it so that maybe it will help someone else out there in the universe. It also helps to just “say things out loud” in order to get them straight. I put that in quotes, because I don’t necessarily say these things out loud, but I am publishing them, so… well you know what I mean. Maybe you say them out loud because you can’t read in your head. Or you're reading to someone else. That’s your thing.

So it’s a good thing for me, I enjoy it, I will continue, and I will continue to get better.

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