Friday, January 18, 2013


How are ya? I’m fine.

Physically – Cold. My hips and lower back ache. I’ve not been exercising (yet) or walking the dog (too cold), but I’ve stayed away from caffeine and fast food all year and when I weighed myself this morning the scale smiled up at me with a 167.0! That’s the least I’ve weighed all year!! Win! I so want to celebrate with a Whopper and Dr. Pepper, but I won’t. Today.

Emotionally – Unmotivated. I’m stressed out about the Things I Need To Do, and the weather is bumming me out. I want to cancel the rest of the month and crawl into bed and hide until Spring.

Spiritually – Struggling a little, but only a little.

Goal – Last week’s goal was to get to the temple and the gym at least once. I failed, so this week the goal is the same. I’m calling a do-over.

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