Saturday, January 19, 2013

Currently – January

Loving: Having DH home in the evenings!! So much! I love having him around more and he seems so much happier.

Reading: Dragonsong  by Anne McCaffrey. This was a recommendation from Huey. I’m having a problem getting into it, but I have faith as I’ve talked to some other folks and they have high praise for Anne McCaffrey’s books. I haven’t been able to read in bed due to DH’s new schedule; he’s in bed trying to sleep, so I can’t be in there with the light on. Once his sleep schedule is adjusted, I’ll be able to do that, but for now, I just haven’t been reading.
Also You Can’t Make Me (but I can be persuaded) Strategies for Bringing Out the Best in Your Strong-Willed Child by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias. I read about this book in Scouting magazine. I’m hoping it will help me communicate not just with Huey, but with DH too. They’re like twins with their personalities and I can’t get either of them to do anything I ask. I’m kinda strong-willed too, so maybe it will help me too. I’ll let you know.
I'm also reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Dewey. I love that he loves reading now.

Watching: Downton Abbey and nothing else. You should be too.

Anticipating: The Oscars, Sundance, and the end of the month.

Listening: to my iPod on shuffle – looking for inspiration for some new playlists. I got some new music for Christmas, so I’m listening to everything.

Planning: decorating schemes to make my house more pretty.

Working on: getting the garage cleaned out and the craft room organized, staying away from fast food and caffeine, and getting some exercise.

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