Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Made it to the Gym!

Saturday morning I was bound and determined to achieve my goal of going to the gym and to the temple at least once.

My original plan was to get up, pack a bag with a change of clothes and my shower stuff, attend the yoga class at my gym, shower, and go to the temple. I got up in just enough time to dust off my yoga mat and get dressed and go. The yoga class at my gym is at 10 am. I figured I would get my gym time in, go home, change, and go to the temple then do my running around.

I got to the gym in plenty of time, only to discover that I left my yoga mat in the hall at home. I decided to go drop off my book at the library and do my running around. As I was driving to the library, feeling defeated, I realized that it wasn’t necessary for me to only attend the yoga class, there are plenty of exercise type things I can do at the gym. I drove back to the gym and searched for a parking space. As I was driving back to the gym, I saw a girl walking away from the gym with a yoga mat in her arms. I got worried that maybe there was no 10 am yoga class? I was relieved that I forgot my yoga mat. When I walked in and checked in at the front desk, it was like I had never left. I felt completely at home. I also noticed that the room where they hold classes was completely dark.

I hopped up on a bike and set a course and pedaled my heart out. It felt good to literally get back on the bike. I rode seven miles before I even thought about it, and I didn’t even have any music or water. It was great!! I was so glad that I didn’t give in to defeat and went anyway. My endorphins lasted for the rest of the day and I got a lot done. (except go to the temple because I ran out of time)

As I was leaving, I went past the class room to look at the schedule, and was reading some of the flyers on the door. The calendar showed a 10 am yoga class, but the room was dark. Then my eyes adjusted to the dark, and sure enough, there were people in there in Tree pose. I had probably been standing there for about 5 minutes. I felt like such a lurker!! I made it out of there quick like a bunny.

I am really hoping to repeat my efforts and actually join the class this Saturday.

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