Friday, January 11, 2013


No preamble.

Physically – Ugh! I can’t tell you how horrible I feel. First of all, I had my thyroid re-tested because it’s been a year and a half and I suspect something’s up. I have yet to receive the results and have run out of pills and won’t refill it until I know what’s up. There is fatigue and a general dizziness going on. Secondly, we had a huge windstorm last night which is good because it blew all the gook out of the air and it feels like Spring today, but Orso was up barking at the rattling screens at 2 am and then again at 4 am. He would not give it up at 4 am because DH was now gone to work and that put Orso on guard duty. I figured out that putting him in the guest bathroom downstairs (it’s huge and he has a bed in there for when he’s muddy, so it’s familiar) made it so that he couldn’t hear the wind rattling the windows and the fence making it sound like Armageddon was coming upon the us and he had to rescue us by barking his head off. The dog’s bark is anything but quiet. He woke up the boys too. I couldn’t fall back asleep after that for awhile, and by the time my alarm went off I was so groggy. The morning sucked. Thirdly, since the morning was so pleasant and not a crazy 8 degrees Fahrenheit, I celebrated by wearing a skirt with pantyhose (not tights) and skipped putting my shoes in my bag and wearing boots and just wore my shoes. As I was walking down the newly wet and FROZEN stairs, I slipped and fell, sliding down all the steps. My purse went flying one direction, my shoes landed on the front lawn in the snow, and my skirt was circling my hips. Was a great show for the neighbours. There is a chunk missing out of the fingertip of my pinky, my forearm feels like it will be bruised, and my lower back and shoulders feel stiff and sore. I am really going to feel this tomorrow. So physically? Sore and tired and tired and sore and also dizzy. Look at that, I can tell you how horrible I feel.

Emotionally – A little stressed. Since the New Year and DH’s new schedule and everyone is getting back into their routine, there seems to be a lot going on. I also have a big pack meeting coming up that I have only planned in my head. I need to get it ironed out with my assistant Cubmaster and written down so that I can get it out of my head. I haven’t been able to adjust to having DH home, and he’s adjusting to his new sleep schedule, and the dishes are piling up, and the garbage needs to be taken out, and Huey and Dewey have Scouts and end of term coming up and everything is stress, stress, stress.

Spiritually – Normal, the same, even keeled. This remains to be a good thing.

Goal – Last week’s goal was to stay away from caffeine. Success!

This week’s goal is to make it to the temple once and the gym once.

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