Thursday, January 31, 2013

About Shoveling

I posted in my Winter Survival Guide yesterday about shoveling. That was not a joke. I love to shovel.

DH posted this on Facebook on our anniversary:

I do believe it snowed. Just a foot or so! Thank heaven for a wife who likes to shovel it. Oh, and happy 16th anniversary to us.
I think it’s the novelty of it. It doesn’t snow often enough to be a chore. Also:
  • I’m always so happy for the precipitation.
  • It’s one of those chores that once you do it it’s done. It’s not like laundry or dishes or cutting the grass or weeding where as soon as you’re done you have to turn around and do it again.
  • I especially love how once you clear the snow and the sun comes out, the surface becomes dry and there’s no ice.
  • There’s also the cardio aspect of it. It’s good exercise, and in addition to the endorphins, there’s that good feeling of a job well done.
  • I love being out in the snow and not being cold. I get bundled up in my Sorrells, snowpants and sweatshirt, hat and gloves and I’m golden. There’s something about not having to wear a coat in the snow - must be the fourteen year old girl in me I guess I’m just weird – I know it’s “man’s work” or I should make the boys do it, but I really do enjoy shoveling snow.

    The nicely cleaned driveway

    Our snow pile so far...

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