Friday, March 1, 2013


Physically – My head hurts because I’ve been off the Dr. Pepper. My bones ache because of the storm coming in. I missed yoga last week to go marching up a mountain in a blizzard with the Cubs and I’m sad because of it. I haven’t gone in the middle of the week and I will probably miss this Saturday too. I’m so tired because of life and the no Dr. Pepper. I feel like heck this week.

Emotionally – Drained. Mad.

Spiritually – Okay fine. I’ve been okay spiritually a lot lately, which is a good thing, but some things have been happening that have been inspiring me to do more to have a little more spirituality in my life and this makes me happy.

Goal – last week’s goal was temple attendance and as predicted was a major fail, but I’m not giving up on myself and it will be this week’s goal too.

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