Monday, March 18, 2013

I Feel Like I Should Still be Sleeping

Dewey has this wonderful way of saying exactly what I’m feeling, it’s amazing. This is what he moaned when I woke him up last Monday morning after the time change and it was still dark outside. Me too, baby, meeee tooooo. I was just getting used to using my sunglasses in the morning, and we had to go and spring forward.

I have this love-hate relationship with the time change. I love how it’s kind of a sign that Spring is coming, and that it stays light longer, but I hate losing an hour. I also feel off, like I don’t know what time of day it is and I can’t wake up or go to sleep properly. I get it from my mother. Here’s a typical scene at our house when I was growing up:

One of us: Mum, what’s for dinner?
Mum: Dinner? What time is it? Seven o’clock? UGH! I HATE the time change!! Guess it’s sandwiches for dinner!

I used to laugh at her so much. Why doesn’t she just look at the clock? Well, I can’t tell you how many times I have said the very same thing.

I posted this on Facebook on Tuesday:

I don’t even know what time it is anymore!

My sister, Mrs. Bowie commented with a link to this song. Isn’t she funny? I thought it was awesome.

The other thing Dewey said to me was “Why do we even have to have the time change?” To be honest, I can’t even remember; something to do with saving daylight and the farmers? I’m too tired to even Google it. DH just got adjusted to his new sleep schedule and now all he did last week was sleep. Now we all have to get adjusted again.

The only thing that has made it better is that I’ve been putting myself on a schedule that goes by the clock, not the sun which has really helped me not get too caught off guard.

Oh well, we’ll change back in six months and I’ll feel normal again.

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