Friday, March 22, 2013


Physically - I can say 'fine', but I can't say good, right? I'm okay. I've been really really tired this week due to not sleeping, and adjusting to going off of Dr. Pepper. I feel like I will be sleeping normally soon, so I should be able to function like a normal person in a few days. No headaches, but neckaches. No yoga either.

Emotionally - Better. DH and I had a big long talk about some things and now I am processing a whole bunch of new information and working on trust issues. I am also trying to have faith in those that I love and trying to not be so controlling. It will be freeing, but it's still a process.

Spiritually - Okay. I could be doing better and I need to be doing better. I am going to try to focus on reading my scriptures, having real prayers, and going to the temple.

Goal - To take the names to the temple.

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